Dinghy, the brand, is all about quality and authenticity. We always like to promote sustainable fashion and ensure to use the best materials to craft out the collection. We opt for fibers like linen, silk ,cotton and also wool to produce sarees and stoles that can be used by generations to come. The materials used are also biodegradable and consist of zero polluting elements; for which we look to avoid using polyester. All our sarees and stoles are made using natural yarns to guarantee class-apart comfort. Take care of your Dinghy product and you can hand it down to the next generation with pride.


What we wear is always in touch with the skin, for which quality is of utmost importance. Each one of our products made to provide comfort and have no adverse effect on your skin. To ensure quality we use azo-free dyes which are approved to be safe by export standards. Recommended: On dry washing. It helps to prolong the life of the saree.

Pre-Loom Process

After producing the yarn and dyeing with the perfect colour, the fabric is sent to be starched. Every step in the process requires hard work and sleek skills which come from years of experience. Women and men work together hand in hand to develop these pieces of fabric. Post calculations and warping the yarn, they are forwarded for denting and drafting. It takes about 3-4 hours for the entire process, for every single saree, to complete the threading. When done, the materials are sent for weaving in pit looms (a weaving technique used widely across Bengal).


After the pre-looming process is complete, the fabrics are processed in the pit looms. The fabric is fed, first through bamboo drums and then into the loom to start weaving. Designs covering the fabric are native elements and have its own stark presence. On the looms the designs are skillfully crafted by our expert artisans and woven with fine precision. Every piece is a labour of love.